Dublin City fm first broadcast as Anna Livia fm from a room in a Capel Street building belonging to Dublin City Corporation. It all started when it was awarded a 2 week licence during the celebrations of Dublin’s first 1000 years. Run by a group of people headed by radio enthusiast Fergus Lynch it quickly became very popular for its mix of programmes which were varied. Many personalities from the world of entertainment, journalism and politics hosted their own half hour and one hour programmes. Nell McCafferty’s programme comes to mind as one of the funniest of its kind with “sisters doing it for themselves.The station broadcasts on 103.2 seven days a week from 07:00 – 02:00. Programmes include: current affairs, documentaries, Dublin issues, the arts, literature, business, health, media matters, sport, nature, leisure activities, women’s topics, special interests, Irish and world musi
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