Atlantic Simulation & Training Technologies (ASTech) is an internationally trading software company based in Galway, Ireland. The company specializes in products and services for the development and delivery of training and examination systems for industry.ASTech’s products find usage in technological and engineering fields, such as in Aviation, Telecommunication, Electrical Utility, Manufacturing, Aerospace as well as the Training and Education industry e.g. third level colleges and training organizations.Through interaction with these organisations and the application of in-house expertise in areas such as Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and IT, ASTech has developed a number of products including systems to generate and correct paper-based and online exams as well as interactive simulations.The company’s key activities include:•tDevelopment of on-line and paper based examination software •tDevelopment of web-based Training courses and interactive aids•tLicensing of ASTech web-based courses and packaging of existing client course material for web delivery•tDevelopment of Small Scale Training Simulators
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